A colourful team - with plenty of PS!

We are not all horse people, but we are absolute leaders in our field.

Matthias Weddeling

Managing Director

Try to keep many balls in the air and the essential things in view. In the office as well as in your free time when kicking. On the road for many years in marketing and building web platforms. Strongly convinced that satisfied customers and satisfied employees are the basis for everything.



Tobias Zschunke

Team leader

Having come late to ride, but having sat in the saddle with rimondo early on, he knows the platform from the beginning. He is unerring not only in product development but also with the darts during the lunch break.



Sarah Burghoff

Customer Service

The "user-understander" and has an open ear for everyone. Sarah takes care of all customer inquiries, wishes and needs and answers them with a lot of sensitivity faster than any racehorse.



Christian Schulz-Wiemann

Event Management

Since 2012 responsible for almost one million videos on rimondo. When he is not with his camera in the stop, he takes care of his breeding and pension business in Sauerland.



Rebecca Lünemann

Online Marketing

Always at home in equestrian sports and because of the "size" passionate pony girl. With a lot of enthusiasm for all equestrian topics she is jointly responsible for the online marketing of rimondo.com. In his spare time he is a coffee and sports junkie.



Heiko Krebs

Product Owner

With his enthusiasm for building digital products he takes care of the technology as well as the requirements from the rest of the team and keeps an eye on the extensive data on rimondo. In his spare time he indulges his desire for movies & series as well as in the kitchen at the stove.



Carsten Kosthorst

Software development

Old school nerd of the C64 generation. Takes care of everything in the rimondo tech stack that Anton, Daniel and Heiko don't do ;) He compensates the lack of movement at work with squash in his spare time.



Daniel Castro Balbi

Software development

Technical nerd and fan of hard electric guitar music. Responsible for the dynamic presentation and search of data/media on rimondo.com. On weekends, the keyboard is exchanged for the guitar and the neck muscles are trained during performances of the band or the musicians of tomorrow are mixed in their own recording studio.



Anton Biel

Software development

who doesn't drink coffee. Together with the others he takes care of the mysterious flip side of rimondo. In the summer they don't only surf the web, but also get on the board to fly kites.



Jan Denningmann


The horses know how in development.



Become Internship Online Marketing

When you think of horses, your heart beats faster. Horse riding and horse breeding simply belong to your life like breathing ;). Furthermore, the trends in the online market are not completely foreign to you. Then apply with us and become part of our team.

Just take a look behind the scenes of rimondo and combine work and hobby.


Fun facts from our team

Fortunately we are all different, but at the core we all love digital and horses


17 pets at 12 people.
Only 5 people have no pets at all.


Hard to believe, but ...
3 persons have a horsehair allergy.

Tea or coffee?

coffee-cold-press-1 coffee-cold-press-1 coffee-cold-press-1 coffee-cold-press-1 coffee-cold-press-1 coffee-cold-press-1 coffee-cold-press-1 tea-kettle tea-kettle tea-kettle

7 employees: Without my coffee nothing works here!

Car or bike?

car-retro-2 car-retro-2 car-retro-2 car-retro-2 car-retro-2 car-retro-2 bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle

6 employees: With this distance I prefer car!

Beach or adventure?

ski-jumping ski-jumping ski-jumping ski-jumping ski-jumping ski-jumping ski-jumping ski-jumping beach-palm-sunbed beach-palm-sunbed

8 employees: Love to adventure than to the beach!

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