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Over 6 million page impressions every month.

Registered members

More than 380,000 members have already registered on rimondo.


We send a weekly newsletter to almost 140,000 recipients.

Photos & Videos

There are over 2 million videos and 650,000 pictures on rimondo.

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For new customers

Our range of marketing options includes display advertising, newsletter marketing, social media branded content, product tests, sponsored posts and other advertising options tailored to your needs.

Our concept

Since 2011, rimondo has been offering a unique centralization and linking of relevant information on all aspects of sport and breeding. In addition to pedigrees, you will find show results, show videos and much more. This multi-faceted combination has created a comprehensive and rapidly growing equestrian network.

rimondo as a partner

With over 382,000 members, rimondo is Germany's largest equestrian network, which means that approximately every second competition rider in Germany is a registered rimondo customer.

rimondo is networking on a professional level.The platform has a high status and is increasingly being used by opinion leaders and decision makers for equestrian business.

rimondo has a modern and positive image. These associations are also used to evaluate the products or advertising campaigns of partners on rimondo.

Our partners

Nowhere else can you reach competition riders, breeders and horse owners as precisely as with us!

Well-informed horse enthusiasts of all ages meet on rimondo. On the one hand, these are horse experts with above-average incomes who want to get an idea of the performance level of individual horses in order to make breeding or purchasing decisions. They include open-minded riders, modern breeders and innovative businesses that know how to utilise modern forms of information and communication.

They also include riders who are very interested in presenting themselves and their horses on rimondo and making contact with like-minded people.

For advertisers, these are groups that are difficult to reach with traditional forms of advertising.

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