Global Champions Tour of Spain - CSI5*-GCT/CSI2* - Valencia 2012

  • pin Valencia / Oliva Nova

Friday (04 May 2012)

time no. discipline winner
11:30 01
Eugenio Grimaldi

Munsterhuis Sportcar Impression

12:30 02
Tess Carmichael

Unique III

14:15 03
FEI Springprüfung (1,40 m)

16:15 04
FEI Springprüfung (1,45 m)

19:00 05
FEI Springprüfung (1,50 m)

Roger Yves Bost

Castle Forbes Vivaldo Van Het Costersveld


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Saturday (05 May 2012)

time no. discipline winner
10:00 08
12:15 06
FEI Springprüfung (1,40 m)

14:00 09
FEI Springprüfung (1,45 m)

19:30 10
Ben Maher

Tripple X III

Sunday (06 May 2012)

time no. discipline winner
11:00 12
12:00 11
FEI Springprüfung (1,30 m)

13:30 13
FEI Springprüfung (1,45 m)

15:15 14
17:15 15
Kevin Staut

Le Prestige St Lois

tournament informations

number of riders 77 highest niveau jump GP5* INT
number of horses 139 number of starts 354

successful riders

successful horses

jumper Abbervail van het Dingeshof (Belgian Warmblood, 2000, from Nonstop)

Abbervail van het Dingeshof

jumper Viking (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), 2002, from Jacomar)


jumper Nayana (Selle Français, 2001, from Royal Feu)


jumper Tripple X (UK Warmblood, 2002, from Namelus R)

Tripple X III