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Pferd Kropelka (Trakehner, 1937, von Cancara)


Deckhengst Gondoliere (Trakehner, 1930, von Irrlehrer)


Deckhengst Piquekoenig (Trakehner, 1922, von Irrlehrer)


Deckhengst Anlauf (Hannoveraner, 1924, von Irrlehrer)


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Deckhengst Intermezzo (Trakehner, 1943, von Oxyd)


Zuchtstute Trendula (Westfale, 1947, von Oxyd)


Zuchtstute Malta (Westfale, 1942, von Oxyd)


Zuchtstute Admiralität (Westfale, 1941, von Oxyd)


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Name (DE) Oxyd Sportname (DE) Oxyd
UELN 276309090017424 Lebensnummer DE 309090017424
Before WWII, the breeder Baron von Nagel realized how valuable East Prussian horses could be in "modernizing" these heavier types into suitable riding horses. In 1938, he bought the East Prussian stallion Oxyd from the Prussian state stud Beberbeck. A descendant of the Perfectionist xx-Irrlehrer line in Trakehnen, Oxyd was a very valuable stallion in Berberbeck before he was sold. As Werner Schockemöhle stated in his book "German show jumping riders", "the Beberbeck C, L and O-lines contributed greatly to the establishment of the Hannoverian and Westfalian breed. Whenever it mattered most to breed for hardiness, movement and elegance, Beberbeck stallions were used. Oxyd was no exception. This black stallion was a huge success". Oxyd sired 20 main studbook mares and 5 approved stallions in Vornholz. Inarguably, Oxyd's greatest contribution was to the Westfalian breed. Daughter Malta produced the gray, full brothers (by Ramzes AA) - Mariano and Radetzky. The younger was Mariano. Owned and ridden by Josef Neckermann, this pair's dressage achievements included team and individual gold medals at the 1966 World Equestrian Games in Switzerland, and team gold and individual silver at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. The full-brothers Adular and Afrika made up the bronze medal team at the 1952 Olympics in Stockholm.
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