Reitturnier Worms-Pfeddersheim 2021

  • pin Worms-Pfeddersheim

Saturday (31 July 2021)

time no. discipline winner
08:30 10
Springpferdeprüfung Kl. A*

Stefan Pagenkopf

Diacontendra RG

09:45 11
Springpferdeprüfung Kl. L

Mona Bucher

Lisbeth 28

10:00 16
Dressurprüfung Kl. A*

Tamara Richter

Forever Friend

11:00 7
Springprüfung Kl. A**

Isabell Müller

La Fee 34

Louisa Katharina Piper

Cormint's Firefly

11:30 19
Dressurreiterprüfung Kl. E

Pascal Derz

Letizia H

12:30 5
Stil Springprüfung Kl. L

Sarah Breitmeyer

Carlchen 83

13:00 15
Isabell Cestaro

Bella Vita ZH

14:15 9
Stil Springprüfung Kl. E

15:45 3
Springprüfung Kl. L

Jan Kühn

Voice of Memory L

Anna-Lena Ross

Game Boy 76

17:30 2
Bianca Weyrich

Candino 13


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Sunday (01 August 2021)

time no. discipline winner
08:00 8
Stil Springprüfung Kl. A*

Lena Rex

Monte Carlo 61

Franka Dott

Charming Ashoka

09:30 17
Dressurprüfung Kl. A*

Karen Pagnia

Don't forget me 4

10:15 6
Christina Muy

Chacco B

Vanessa Weitzel

Rosenstern 5

11:00 18
Dressurprüfung Kl. E

12:00 20/1
Katharina Kuhn

Madonna 256

12:00 20/2
12:30 12
Stil Spring-Wettbewerb

Lena Sophie Wittemer

Clover once more SD

13:00 14
Isabell Cestaro

Bella Vita ZH

13:45 13

Charlotte Lahm

Paddys Flower

15:00 4
Springprüfung Kl. L

Louisa Katharina Piper

Cormint's Firefly

16:30 1
Sophie Marie Leister

Classic Dream

tournament informations

number of riders 222 highest niveau jump SPR M*
number of horses 279 highest niveau dressage DRE L*
number of starts 464

successful riders

successful horses

jumper Lord Roscharden (Oldenburg show jumper, 2011, from Lord Pezi)

Lord Roscharden

jumper Candino 13 (Oldenburg, 2011, from Cadensky)

Candino 13

jumper Classic Dream (Oldenburg, 2007, from Cordalme Z)

Classic Dream

jumper Balou's Fee (Oldenburg show jumper, 2010, from Balou du Rouet)

Balou's Fee