Reitturnier Lübeck-Wulfsdorf 2020

  • pin Lübeck-Wulsdorf

Friday (11 September 2020)

time no. discipline winner
07:30 05
Dressurprüfung Kl. A*

Kathrin Nörenberg

Dante de Revel

09:30 07
Annika Fölster

Malibu Sun W

13:30 06
Dressurprüfung Kl. A*

ü 40

Julia Kuchenbäcker

Lütt Beek Bella Anna

16:00 03
Dressurprüfung Kl. E

Nele Petersen

Ernesto 85


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Saturday (12 September 2020)

time no. discipline winner
08:30 08
Stil Springprüfung Kl. A*

Yul Freitag

Don Beppino

Sunday (13 September 2020)

time no. discipline winner
10:00 09
Springprüfung Kl. A*

12:00 10
Stil Springprüfung Kl. L

Katja Krumstroh

Feels of Gold

14:00 11
Springprüfung Kl. L

Anna Schwettscher

Quintana B

16:00 12
Stil Springprüfung Kl. M*

Lena Köster


tournament informations

number of riders 186 highest niveau jump SPR M*
number of horses 198 highest niveau dressage DRE L*
number of starts 279

successful riders

successful horses

jumper Cubi (Holsteiner, 2005, from Contender)


jumper Lord Keule (Holsteiner, 2009, from Lord Z)

Lord Keule

jumper Ceytano (Holsteiner, 2012, from Cormint)


jumper Casper's Lady (Holsteiner, 2010, from Numero Uno)

Casper's Lady