Reitturnier Salzwedel 2019

  • pin Salzwedel

Friday (29 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
10:00 2
Sven Göller

Carisma 144

11:45 3/1
Sara Mundt

Chetlag's Campus B

11:45 3/2
Thilo Schulz

Edradour 3

14:45 4
Springpferdeprüfung Kl. L

Marcel Buchheim

Newton 56

16:30 5
Springpferdeprüfung Kl. M

Julia Timmreck

Clear Round T

17:45 10
Springprüfung Kl. A**

Kilian Römmer

Florette 61


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Saturday (30 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
09:00 12
Springprüfung Kl. L

Janne Woldt

Jamaika R

10:30 6
Carlotta Sitzer

Molly Malone Ixes

11:45 9
Kilian Römmer

Florette 61

Laura Knapik

Penny Lane 351

14:00 14
16:30 15
Springprüfung Kl. M*

Bernd Schulze

Cassico's Girl

Sunday (01 December 2019)

time no. discipline winner
08:30 11
Springprüfung Kl. A**

Jella Niebuhr

Verdi 59

Janne Woldt

Jamaika R

10:45 7

12:00 13
Bernd Schulze


Maren Hoffmann

Cadeau R

14:00 8
Nick Greiffert

Icoon v/d Donkhoeve

15:45 1

Luzie Blohme


16:30 16
Robert Bruhns

Lilli Fee

tournament informations

number of riders 167 highest niveau jump SPR M*
number of horses 269 highest niveau dressage WBO-DR
number of starts 530

successful riders

successful horses

Cassico's Girl

Sakura Mai

Laola 22

Clear Round T