Reitturnier Ankum 2019

  • pin Ankum

Wendsday (13 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
09:00 01
Ilke Albers

Scarlett O'Hara 34

11:00 02
Anna Blomgren

Toerveslettens Sunshine

13:00 03
Eva Niklova

Damiro 42

14:45 13
Dressurprüfung Kl. S* S 3

Therese Nilshagen

Sean Connery 5


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Thursday (14 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
09:30 18
Bianca Kasselmann

Weekend Fun

12:00 09
Kira Wulferding

Bonita Springs

14:30 14
Andrea Timpe

Shakira 376

16:15 04
Malin Möller

Lazar 36

18:15 05
Emily Schön

Nobler Boy

Friday (15 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
09:00 19
Bianca Kasselmann

Weekend Fun

09:45 15
Patrik Kittel


Kira Wulferding

Soiree D' Amour OLD

15:15 08
Melanie Tewes

Adele 104

Melanie Tewes

Bella Laguna OLD

Saturday (16 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
08:00 06
12:30 16
Sandra Nuxoll

Hanami OLD

13:30 10
Luisa Emmerich

Daytona E

Anna Sahle

Fläder af Hagalund

Sunday (17 November 2019)

time no. discipline winner
08:30 17
Alexa Westendarp


10:30 07
12:45 11
Lea Windhausen

Zafriq de Jeu

14:00 12
Luisa Emmerich

Daytona E

tournament informations

number of riders 141 number of horses 188
highest niveau dressage DRE S*** number of starts 271

successful riders

successful horses

dressage horse Hicksteadt (German Sport Horse, 2003, from Hudson)


dressage horse Weekend Fun (Oldenburg, 2001, from Welt Hit II)

Weekend Fun

dressage horse Rosafina WRT (Trakehner, 2005, from Elfengeist)

TSF Rosafina Wrt

dressage horse Hanami OLD (Oldenburg, 2011, from Dante Weltino OLD)

Hanami OLD