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2018-10-07 2018-10-07 Reitturnier Trüllikon 2018: tournament results
CH Trüllikon
Trüllikon: B75 2018-10-07
CH Trüllikon
Trüllikon: B80 2018-10-07
CH Trüllikon

Reitturnier Trüllikon 2018: tournament results

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tournament information
date: 07.10.2018
location: Trüllikon, Switzerland
number of riders: 16
number of horses: 16
number of starts: 31
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The tournament results are presented by Pavo Pferdenahrung GmbH

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the winner horses of this tournament
Swiss Warmblood, gelding
Polish Pony, gelding
Sunday, 07.10.2018
time no. discipline
00:00 2 Trüllikon: B75
number of participants: 16
00:00 3 Trüllikon: B80
number of participants: 15

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