Make your sales ad an eye catcher!

Tips and tricks to create a good sales ad

Recently we launched the rimondo horse market on our site to give the sales horses a central position in the big offer of opportunities you have on

Recently we launched the rimondo horse market on our site to give the sales horses a central position in the big offer of opportunities you have on You as a seller can make use of the new tools to create a professional sales ad within a few seconds. Make your horse profile a sales ad with just one klick. The restructured new sales profile let buyers find the main information about the horse and contact details in a short overview.
In march 2014 nearly 2.000 riders, breeders and sales stables answerd our survey with top "sales horses". We got a meaningful insighth of the the most important information and tools that are important for buyers to find the right horse and to get attend a sertain sales ad. 
Here are the best tips for you!

Make your sales ad an eye catcher!
  Fill in the basic information
Data like age, hights or pedigree are the basic informations  of a horse. About 81 % of our respondents are mainly interesteted in theses data to make a first selection in the horse market. Theses data are "important" and "most important" for them. Also filling in theses data is important for the search mechanism of a database like rimondo.
  Add photos and videos
Photos are most important for buyers to get a first personal impression of a horse. Photos and videos, which show the exterieur, movement and talent build a main step to catch the buyers real interest. It is your chance to reach the buyer emotionally.
  Define the price
For four of five respondents a defined price very important, more then 77 %  preferre to have a closer look at an ad that shows the detailed price. To more than 78 % it  helps improve the interest fo rthis ad. Because of this fact previously ads with defined price are ranked higher in common search mechanism on rimondo, to show user the most interesting ads.
  Describe your horse
Our respondents stated to desire useful sellers information about character and medical condition of the horse. 
For theses information make use of the discribtion in the horse profile.
  Complete competition results
At the moment rimondo adds results preferential of German horse sport events. Filling the databse with tournament details of other countries will be a next step. But for now we resolve this lack by a developed tool to let user complete results by themselves. If you have any problembs to translate the right class of your results into the ones on rimondo, please contact us (
  Add your contact details
Respondent stated that once they got closer interested in a horse they directly contact to seller to ask for more information. More  than halfe of them preferre telefon contact, 42 % make use of message sendinfg via Internet. So make sure you have published the right and complete contact details.
  All in all: Be honest and fair
Sellers offering their horses on rimondo have nothing to hide! That´s our claim. That is honored by our users: Our selfproduced video content and content of results improve enormous interest of using rimondo for for five of seven respondents. For 72 % a video or result of a success has great influence on willingness to buy and interest. A video or result without sucess hardly influence on developing the willingness to buy. 
As you see, with just a few additional information you can enhance the chance that your sales ad is going to be clicked enormous:
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