rimondo conquers Belgium!

Watch livestreams & videos and find results from Lier, Ternat and more

Good news we may proclaim these days: 

Goedendag and Bonjour Belgien! 

From now on you will experience Belgian equestrian sport at its best on rimondo! Here you will find an overview of all tournaments we have filmed or will be filming in the near future. 




  Current Shows:

Gouden Laars Grote Brogel (12.09. - 13.09.2020)



Recent shows with videos: 

Gouden Laars (05.09. - 06.09.2020) << videos and results >>

Belgische Kampioenschap 4-5 jarige paarden (03.09. - 06.09.2020) << videos and results >>

K.vor Azelhof  -  CS RV 3032 (28.08. - 30.08.2020) << videos and results >>

Gold Lier - CS N 6234 - Azelhof (28.08. - 30.08.2020) << videos and results >>

STX Cycle 2.0 Basècles (20.-23.08.2020) << videos and results >>

Summer Euro-Regio Lier (20.-23.08.2020) << videos and results >>

FEI Reitturnier Lier (13.08. - 16.08.2020) << videos and results >>

Stx Cyclus Ternat - CS N 6215 (13.08. - 16.08.2020)<< videos and results >>

Gold + Cyclus Jonge Paarden in Lier (

Jeugdfestival Lier  () << videos and results >>



You don't know much about rimondo yet?
This is how you find tournament results:

Via the horse profile: 
Enter the name of the horse in the search line. Open the horse profile and click on the button "Show results of (name horse)" in the profile

Via the rider profile:
Find the name of the rider using the search line and select the right one. When you are on the riders profile, click on the button "show all results of (name)" to see the results.

Via the show: 
Either enter the location of the tournament in the search line or click on the menu item "Equitation" in the header, where you will get to the complete list of horse shows. When you can find the right tournament, you will see the results for every single class. From there, you can also take a closer look at the horses and riders by clicking on their names.


A Flemish proverb says: The beautiful is less what you see than what you dream.
For our milestone, videos from Belgium, this saying is appropriate. But we find both beautiful: seeing and dreaming. 
We, at rimondo are dreaming to show you many more videos from all countries of the world in the future. 
What do you think, where will you go next? Write me gladly!