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moderator FAQ

What do moderators do?

The moderators are our quality monitors and worker bees at rimondo. They are qualified experts in equestrian sports and horse breeding, or very knowledgeable about certain breeds. All horse information and pedigree trees that are updated on rimondo by our users are reviewed, verified, corrected if necessary and approved by the moderators. The moderators are all volunteer helpers who want to help expand our central information and communication platform regarding horses.

We are looking for...

... dedicated and knowledgeable horse lovers who share and want to promote the ideas at rimondo.

We expect...

Anyone interested in becoming a moderator at rimondo should

... be excited about the basic principle at rimondo,

... be at least 16 years old,

... be an expert in equestrian sports, horse breeding or knowledgeable about individual breeds,

... enjoy being a moderator and communicating with other members and

... have the patience and time to respond to members’ questions.

We offer...

... free rimondo Pro membership with access to all information at rimondo.

... exclusive access to special features.

... an early look at new features that you can test exclusively.

... access to selected events for all rimondo moderators.

... a rimondo surprise Christmas package.


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