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AK Khattaara ox (AK Khattaara 1979 ox)

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tournament results of AK Khattaara ox

So far, there are no tournament results from AK Khattaara ox are stored.
There is no description of AK Khattaara ox available yet.
name (DE):
AK Khattaara ox
sportname (DE):
AK Khattaara 1979 ox
type / gender:
horse / Mare
Arabian thoroughbred
shoulder height:
mainly used for
Place of birth:
riding club, association:
field test:
station test:
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1. generation2. generation3. generation
Ibn Moniet El Nefous 1964 EAO
Morafic 1956 EAO
Moniet el Nefous 1946 RAS
Nazeer 1934 RAS
Mabrouka EAO
Shahloul 1931 RAS
Wanisa 1941 RAS
Omnia EAO
Alaa El Din 1956 EAO
Ameena EAO
Nazeer 1934 RAS
Kateefa EAO
Hamdan 1936 RAS
Yaman EAO
  • Yaman EAO
  • Arabian thoroughb..., 1944, dark brown

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