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Hengst von Catch / Calido I


Claudius B

Lafayette B

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Base data

name (DE) CATCH ME LH gender Stallion
breed Holsteiner type horse
Holsteiner Colt by Catch-Calido performance strain 890 (Casall) A Colt of the extra class of Catch from a mother of Calido-Acorado-Cor de la-Bryere-Landgraf.The foal impress with a very noble appearance,the first class type the correct foundation,its very lon legs and avery good basic gaits as well as an exemplary upper line.His pretty head with the expressive face make the foal an eye-catcher,his name:CATCH ME LH.The father of the foal CATCH points to a unique path to success:as a foal Champion,2nd reserve winner at the körung in Neumünster the result of the spottiest was 9,73 so far not achieved by any other stallion in Germany.4jear old winner of the Schleswig-Holstein state Championship.The mother an award winning and performance tested mare was used for breeding from the very beginning.The first two foals impressed terms of type,movement,upper line and foundation,as wis this foal.The branch of the 890 tribe,which is home to us, delivered numerous state premium mares,the licensed stallions:Claudino, San Leandro,Campus,Leviano,Cafiletto,Quincento,Count Down Swiss and CATCH. Numerous horses were international successful until 140-145 as well as Chaplin under Holger Wulschner 160.
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