Diamant De Casall (Diamant de Casall)

Diamant De Casall (Diamant de Casall)

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stallion owner of Diamant De Casall

Gestüt Ligges

availability sperm

  • fresh
  • frozen
  • natural

breeding tax from 800 €




Deauville S

Extra van Essene

Diamanthina van het Ruytershof

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Hengst von Diamant De Casall / Popcorn

Stute von Diamant De Casall / Balous Bellini

Stute von Diamant De Casall / Ludwigs As

Dark Phoenix B

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Base data

name (DE) Diamant De Casall sportname (DE) Diamant de Casall
breeding name (DE) Diamant De Casall UELN 276421000028216


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