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extended pedigree of Criban Charming Swell

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Criban Snip
Criban Kid
Criban Twilight
Criban Orion
Welsh Lily
Ystrad Klondyke (Klondyke)
  • Bucephalus
  • Welsh-Pony (Secti..., 01.01.1906, dark brown
Pentre Candace
Prince Llewellyn
Vaynor Lily
Forest Klondyke
Ystrad Jewel
Black Dick
Criban Swell
Invincible Taffy
Criban Chestnut Swell
  • Robin
  • Welsh mountain po...
Chocolate Lass
Ystrad Klondyke (Klondyke)
Chestnut Dandy
Ystrad Jewel
Forest Klondyke
Ystrad Jewel
Pentre Taffy
Black Bess II