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2017-04-20<2017-04-20 Körung 2017
Hannoveraner Verband e.V.
DE Elmshorn 25335
25335 Elmshorn
Hengstkatalog 2017-04-20
DE Elmshorn 25335
25335 Elmshorn

Holsteiner Körung 2017

event information
event: Körung
date: 20.04.2017
location: 25335 Elmshorn, Germany
hoster name: Hannoveraner Verband e.V.
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25335 Elmshorn
Holsteiner Körung 2017 2017-04-20
DE Elmshorn 25335
25335 Elmshorn
Stoeterij Het Maalwater
Cornelia Asmussen, Osterkoog Str. 14, 25845 Nordstrand
Elena Bröckl Elena Bröckl
Sandra De voss
Christina Rensinghoff Christina Rensinghoff
Beate Knopp Beate Knopp
Michael Obieray Michael Obieray
Karolin Otto Karolin Otto
Carina Schießl Carina Schießl
Klaus Jürgens, Klaus Jürgens
Jens Pax Jens Pax
Gerd Sosath Gerd Sosath
Gestüt Sprehe GmbH
Sarah Terhürne Sarah Terhürne
Verena Grohs Verena Grohs
Gerd Sosath Gerd Sosath


head No.breederhorse
2 Ronald Nowee, Stoeterij Het Maalwater
Alicante Alicante
Holsteiner, mold, stallion, 2005
4 Cornelia Asmussen, Osterkoog Str. 14, 25845 Nordstrand
Diego de Semilly Diego de Semilly
Holsteiner, dark brown, stallion, 2010
5 Katja Suchomel
Cormitender Cormitender
Holsteiner, brown, stallion, 2011
6 Torsten Abraham
Caracas Caracas
unknown, stallion, 2012
7 Manfred von Allwoerden
Chapeau Chapeau
Holsteiner, brown, stallion, 2012
9 Willy Hendrix
Ogano Ogano
Belgian Warmblood, brown, stallion, 2012
10 Gerd-Wilhelm Puck
Calaris Calaris
Holsteiner, mold, stallion, 2013
11 Voelz Pferdezucht
Cascos Cascos
Holsteiner, mold, stallion, 2013
12 Avora Pferde GmbH & CO.KG
Sundance Sundance
Holsteiner, dark brown, stallion, 2013
13 Gerrit Ter Harmsel
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker
unknown, brown, stallion, 2013
14 Michael Obieray, Michael Obieray
Carlitos Carlitos
Holsteiner, dark brown, stallion, 2014
15 Johann Peter Lass
Denver Denver
Holsteiner, brown, stallion, 2014
17 J. Sturkenboom
Ad Unaniem Ad Unaniem
Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), brown, stallion, 2001
21 Klaus Jürgens, Klaus Jürgens
Tannenhof's Chacco Chacco Tannenhof's Chacco Chacco
Hanoverian, dark brown, stallion, 2007
23 Jens Pax
Come And Fly Come And Fly
Oldenburg show jumper, mold, stallion, 2011
24 Gerd Sosath
Casino Grande Casino Grande
Oldenburg, brown, stallion, 2012
26 Gestüt Sprehe GmbH, Gestüt Sprehe GmbH
Hickstead White Hickstead White
Oldenburg show jumper, dark brown, stallion, 2012
27 A. Mazza
Italo Italo
Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), brown, stallion, 2013
28 Herman Claessens
dfxxxx dfxxxx
unknown, black Brown, stallion
32 Franca Zanetti
Camirez Fz Camirez Fz
Sella Italiano, brown, stallion, 2010
33 Gerd Sosath
Diamant de Plaisir Diamant de Plaisir
Hanoverian, brown, stallion, 2012