Sarkozy 3 (Tailormade Sarkozy)

Sarkozy 3 (Tailormade Sarkozy)

Hannoveraner, Hengst (gekört), 2005

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Zuchtstute Sinfonie (Hannoveraner, 2008, von Sandro Hit)


Deckhengst Floriano 70 (Oldenburger, 2013, von For Romance I)

Floriano 70

Dressurpferd Danciarno (Oldenburger, 2016, von Danciano)


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Remington Steele 11

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Dressurpferd Schwarzer Mond (Westfale, 2010, von Sarkozy 3)

Schwarzer Mond

Dressurpferd Guiso (Lusitano, 2011, von Sarkozy 3)


Dressurpferd Santos Dumont (Westfale, 2011, von Sarkozy 3)

Santos Dumont

Dressurpferd Sine Nobilitate AV (Hannoveraner, 2009, von Sarkozy 3)

Sine Nobilitate AV

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Name (DE) Sarkozy 3 Sportname (DE) Tailormade Sarkozy
Zuchtname (DE) Sarkozy UELN 276431310016605
Sarkozy was licensed as a 2.5 year old colt with the Oldenburg society first, followed by the Hanoverian, Rhinelander, Westfalian and Mecklenburger Verband. He did his 30-day stallion performance test in Schlieckau in November 2008 and scored 9.01 for dressage and 6.88 for show jumping, finishing on a total of 8.03 points. Owned by Paul Schockemöhle, Sarkozy was first trained and competed by Anja Engelbart as a 4-year old in 2009. A few months later Eva Möller took over the ride and won the 2009 Hanoverian Young Horse Championships with him, followed by silver at the 2009 Bundeschampionate. In 2010 the pair was selected to represent Germany at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, where they placed 11th in the Finals after ranking 5th in the preliminary round. At the Bundeschampionate a month later they were fourth in the 5-year old dressage horse Finals. As a 6-year old Sarkozy showed in only regional event, in Greven, at M-Level. Sarkozy became a part of the dressage horse collection for the 2011 PSI Auction held in December, but ended up not selling the auction. His ownership did change to the Danish based Norwegian real estate developer Trine Stiansen of Tailormade Horses in 2012 After his sale, Sarkozy disappeared from the international stage, but appeared at a string of national shows in Denmark and Germany. In 2012 it was Hof Kasselmann's rider Borja Carrascosa (ESP) who competed him through the summer and and winter of 2013 A year later, in June 2014, Sarkozy returned to the arena under Juliane Kunze-Bretschneider, who took him to S-level that year. Her trainer Heike Kemmer, climbed aboard in 2015 and showed hum twice at small tour level in Zierow. The stallion's last competition in Germany was on 1 November 2015, placing 8th in the Intermediaire I in Zierow with Kemmer. In the autumn of 2016 Sarkozy moved to Denmark to his owner Trine Stiansen's yard in Nykøbing Mors, Denmark, where head rider Ellen Birgitte Farbrot took on the ride. She competed the black small tour horse only twice in Denmark. A first time at M-level in Skanderborg, where they won with 70.0%, and a second time in Brande, where they won again with 74.744%. The next three years Sarkozy disappeared from the show scene and stood at stud in Denmark. The stallion sustained a sport career ending injury. "I was unfortunately only able to show him twice," Farbrot told Eurodressage. "He sustained an achilles’ tendon rupture while he was in the paddock. It was very unfortunate as I hoped for him to be a European Championship prospect for 2021. The injury did not look dramatic at all, as he recovered well, but his trot became asymmetrical at times. He has no pain and love to work and go out for a hack. His rideability was amazing as well as his character. We really miss him in our stables." Kathy St. Martin and business partner Samantha Brewer were on the look out for another dressage stallion to add to the roster of their stallion station and reproduction centre, Avalon Equine, in Oklahoma. Their eye fell on Sarkozy. "We had asked a couple of our friends in Germany to keep an eye out for stallions that might be a good match for us and for North American breeders," St. Martin told Eurodressage. "Sebastian Rhode with the German Oldenburg Verband contacted us about a month ago to tell us that Sarkozy was available and asked if we were interested. That was a resounding yes for us and the rest as they say, is history." St. Martin purchased the stallion from Paul Schockemohle, who had bought Sarkozy back from Tailormade in October 2020. St. Martin and Brewer imported the black Sandro Hit son into the U.S.A. and he is currently in quarantine. "We are truly thrilled to have him here," Kathy added. "I think he is going to be a really spectacular addition for dressage breeders here." As a breeding stallion Sarkozy has sired five licensed sons so far, including Sir Fidergold and Sacchi and 18 state premium mares. He has 266 offspring registered as a sport horse with the German equestrian federation, 16 of them are competing at S-level in dressage. Sarkozy's most famous offspring are Maria Pena Montaner's Sarotti OLD (now sold to Harmony Sporthorses in the U.SA.), World Young Horse Championship participant Santos Dumont (Hana Vasaryova). He also sired Soleio d'Arion, the 2011 French Colt Foal Champion. Now the 15-year old stallion has been sold to Kathy St. Martin and Samantha Brewer and will stand at stud at Avalon Equine in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Quelle:
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